Gifts for the Dad who rides mountain bikes

Father's Day is approaching fast, so if Dad likes to spend his weekends out riding his mountain bike, now's the time to find something in store that he'll defintiely love! We asked the blokes on the Mountain Bikes Direct team what they'd be hoping for when unwrapping their father's day gift for 2017, and here are their top picks - 


MICHAEL recommends the Pearl Izumi MTB Bib Short / Liner super comfy and can be worn under regular shorts, 3 pockets so you don't need to run a camelbak, and since they're tradtionally worn in place of underwear, it's like the MTB-ers version of buying Dad some fresh jocks! 


He also recommends a bottle of Stan's No Tubes Race Tubeless Sealant, which is designed for even quicker sealing, giving peace-of-mind when dad's out on one of those epic all-day rides with his mates on the weekend. 



ORI has found a pair of socks that take this regular Father's Day classic to a new level! The Fox 8 Inch Trail Socks ensure dad will be looking on-trend and oh-so-comfy on the trail. 


ANDREW says that the quickest way to impress Dad is with this Park Tool AK-2 Advanced Mechanic kit, which is stocked with premium, shop-grade tools. Team it up with the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, and may lose Dad forever in the vortex of working on this own bike(s)..... 



TIM wants to make sure all the dads out there can "Be-Rad"... with the Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD! The "Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device" is an innovative and extremely flexible system for organising on-bike bottle and accessory storage using bottle cage mounts. Perfect for that "are they being ironic?", yet actually totally practical and awesome, Father's Day gift! 



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