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While they may be famous for Skoda and the world's first pilsner beer, the Czech Republic is also home to long-time tyre manufacturer Rubena. Rubena have been around since 1923, and continue to hand make over 6 million tyres and 9 million tubes every year. In recent years they've drawn on their extensive experience to produce a line of mountain bike tyres, and we've started carrying a selection of the most popular models. 


Like any tyre brand, there's a bit of terminology to get your head around, so we thought we'd set out the important MTB terms here!


Rubena MTB tyres are currently supplied in two compounds.

Black: Tyres that are all black are made from the Carbon Racing Extreme (CRX) single-compound. This compound provides high structural strength, enhanced abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion and low drag. 

Greyline: Tyres that feature a grey line on the outer edges are a dual-compound tyre, combining the CRX compound with a Silica Soft Compound (SSC) on the outer crown edges. This keeps the tyre fast rolling, but adds the extra grip benefit of a softer compound when cornering.




There are three major constructions for Rubena MTB Tyres:

Tubeless Supra (TS): This construction is designed for trouble-free installation, easy inflation and maximum air retention, coupled with a lightweight, high performance carcass. The tyre can be used in 3 ways - full tubeless on a UST rim using a valve and Rubena Liquide Compound (sealant), on a standard rim using a tubeless setup, or using a tube. (See diagram below):

Racing Pro (RP): this a standard, non-tubeless construction for MTB riding.

4 Endurance: The same as the Tubeless Supra but in a double thickness (4 ply). 

Rubena Tubeless Supra 3 in 1 Set up


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