Will These MTB Pedals Fit My Bike?



If you're unsure of which pedal spindle size you need to fit your bike, then this post is for you!


Finding the right mtb pedal is easy! Read on to find out.

pedal spindle sizes.JPG




When it comes to pedal sizes, there is two sizes.

There is ½” and there is 9/16”.








½” pedals are only used on very basic bikes with a one piece crank.



A one piece crank is just that, it’s one piece of steel that is bent/forged to run from one pedal, through the frame, to the other pedal.


All bikes over about $400 will typically come with 9/16” pedals on a 2 or 3 piece crank.


So, if your crank doesn’t look like the one in the picture above, your safe knowing that it will take a 9/16” pedal.


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