Cateye Volt 700 HL-EL470RC Front 700 Lumen LED/USB Light

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Whether you're commuting on the road or hitting the trails at night, you need a good dependable light.  

The Cat Eye Volt 700 is loaded with great features to make this your go-to light.  Providing a max of 700 lumens, the Volt offers plenty of light for your typical night rides.  With other battery saving modes, you'll have hours of light available.  With a quick release bar mount and an optional helmet light, the Volt can be setup to your liking.

  • Dimension 31.2 x 116.0 x 43.2 mm.
  • 140 g (including battery).
  • 1x high-intensity white LED.
  • Run time     
    • Dynamic mode (700 lumens) approx 2hrs.
    • Normal mode (300 lumens) approx 3.5hrs.
    • All-Night mode (100 lumens)     approx 10hrs.
    • Hyper Constant mode (800/100 lumens) approx 7hrs
    • Flashing mode (100 lumens) approx 50hrs
  • Lithium-ion battery (3.6V-3100mAh)  
  • Recharge takes roughly 5-11 hrs (5 hr fast recharge using 1A or higher USB charging adaptor, or using USB3.0).
  • 300 Recharge/discharges until the rated capacity drops to 70%
  • Includes built-in fast recharging circuit, Low battery indicator, Lighting mode memory function, and Helmet mount (optional)

 Tip: In our experience helmet mounts work best for trail riding.  You'll be able to look through turns with a helmet mount light.  


SKU 725012026816
Brand Cateye

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