About Frameskin

Frameskin was born out of a desire to protect my own bike from the scratches and chips that everyday use would throw at them. While it was possible to spend a great deal of money on a bicycle, I found there was nothing available on the market that offered adequate frame protection and certainly nothing near the level of protection that I wanted for my prized bikes. So, I set about designing my own.

A career in the graphic arts saw me well placed to develop a solution. I researched protective film technologies and after considerable testing, settled on base materials with the ideal characteristics for bicycle frame protection. I perfected the techniques for custom shaping and installation and posted photos of my first fitted kit on North America's main mountain biking forum (MTBR) and instantly received sales enquiries from riders wanting to buy a kit from me to Protect their Plaything™. From here, a new market segment was created and Frameskin has been compulsively obsessed ever since.

Since commencing operations in 2008, Frameskin has continued to design and manufacture custom shaped protection kits for an ever widening range of brands and models. We pioneered custom-shaped frame protection for bicycles — adapting technologies more commonly associated with automotive and industrial applications. Since forming the company and developing an ecommerce website, Frameskin has continued to develop and broaden the range of custom-shaped frame kits to keep pace with the release of new (mainly) premium carbon bicycles. The website now lists hundreds of custom-shaped kits available for purchase and sales grow strongly each year.

Why protect your bike? People who are passionate about bikes understand the idea right away, and many riders are delighted with the comprehensive nature of these kits. Protect Your Plaything™ with Frameskin.

Frameskin frame protection kits are designed and manufactured in Canberra Australia and were exported to 35 countries in 2015.

Custom-shaping service

Manufacturers, importers and bike shops can send their current or new season bikes/frames for custom shaping. The same goes for forks, cranks and other component parts. This process takes a few days, but ensures brilliantly fitting protection for your new range. We offer special deals to enable the smooth development of detailed custom-shaped kits for your range