Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic Chain Lube 100ml Bottle

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High performing ceramic lube reduces chain wear and improves shifting.  

The ceramic additive in this lube reduces metal on metal contact and prevents chain wear.  This lube performs so well, you'll notice an improvement in shifting and a reduction of drivetrain noise.  Suitable for most conditions, Juice Lubes Ceramic Lube is perfect for most riders.  ​​

Sold in a 100ml bottle.  


  • Reduces metal on metal contact. 
  • Smoother gear changes. 
  • Rust prevention. 
  • Suitable for most conditions. 

Please note:   Apply to a clean chain (Dirt Juice is perfect for this, link below) and allow lube to penetrate for a few minutes.  Wipe excess off before riding.  

To purchase Dirt Juice degreaser, Click here. 


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