Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry Chain Lube 100ml Bottle

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Chain Juice Dry is a hard wearing dry lube that works in the following way. The lubricating element is enclosed in a thin, touch dry, film that when on the chain, doesn't attract dirt. So your chain runs cleaner and quieter. It's very thin in consistency with an extreme penetrating capability which means the lubricant quickly works its way right in to the rollers and pins of the chain where its needed and leaves very little residue on the external and visible part of the chain (where its not needed) which can be a little concerning if you don't understand whats going on. But as you have read this far, everything should be clear! The downside is that water resistance is not great, but the clue is in the name.

How to Use:

Un-screw nozzle and pierce security seal. Re-attach nozzle and open flow valve a small amount to avoid over application. For top performance, chain must be thoroughly degreased (Use Dirt Juice Super Gnarl for this!) Apply a couple of layers of Chain Juice Dry , allowing 2 minutes between each layer for the lube to penetrate and set-up correctly. Don't expect to see a thick oily residue on the chain Chain Juice Dry does not work like this! 

Size: 100ml


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Brand Juice Lubes