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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Creams - 150ml - Warm Up
150ml Warm Up
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Help your body out with Muc-Off Performance cream!

Muc-Off creams provide everything you need to help your muscles out on your ride.  These four creams (detailed below) provide different aminos depending on the type of ride you are on.  They will help you charge harder, ride longer and rebuild your muscles stronger.  

Warm Up Cream

Perfect for cold and damp mornings.  Warm Up Cream with will heat your muscles to ensure they are ready for your ride.  Please note: If you are using an Amino cream, always apply the Amino cream first. 

  • Perfect for temps 2°C and up.
  • No banned ingredients.  
  • Non-toxic formula is skin friendly.
  • Plant based.  


Explosive Power

If you need to sprint or charge sections of the trail, Explosive Power Cream will give you an advantage.  This cream is applied directly to the skin and will increase your muscles cell volume.  The formula increases oxygen and nutrients meaning you'll be able to charge harder, longer and faster!  

  • Give your body long-lasting explosive power.
  • No banned ingredients.  
  • Amino Arginine increases oxygen and nutrients.  Perfect for sports where explosive power is needed.  
  • Increases muscle’s cell volume capacity. 
  • Non-toxic formula is skin friendly.
  • Will not cause digestive problems.  


Ultra Endurance 

Utilising the amino Taurine which converts glycogen into glucose, Ultra Endurance Cream will provide fuel to your muscles and combat lactic acid build up.  This is perfect for long rides and will also help reduce 'arm pump'!

  • Amino Taurine converts Glycogen into Glucose - Muscle fuel!
  • No banned ingredients.  
  • Reduces lactic acid build up, perfect for endurance athletes.  
  • Helps prevent 'arm pump!
  • Increases muscle’s cell volume capacity, achieving greater muscle/protein synthesis
  • Non-toxic formula is skin friendly.
  • Will not cause digestive problems.  


Recovery Balm 

Often overlooked, recovery is an extremely important part of fitness.  The amino Glutamine increases glycogen storage and muscle hydration.  This will help muscle regenerate and come back stronger!

  • Amino Glutamine increases glycogen storage.
  • No banned ingredients.  
  • Increases protein synthesis and energy metabolism.  Perfect for recovery.  
  • Non-toxic formula is skin friendly.




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