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We need a Lead Growth Marketer!

Are you the sort of person who rolls your eyes a little at the term “Growth Marketer” cos it’s such a buzzword, but at the same time knows that’s totally what you are? Then read on!

We’re a rapidly growing business, with a strong reputation and experience in a range of marketing channels and strategies (emails, organic social, paid social, Adwords, onsite creative and campaigns, customer surveys, competitions and giveaways, and more). However we know it’s time we expanded our marketing team. 

So who do we need? We need you to be - 

  • Excited about being part of a lean team that loves to growth hack!
  • All over the idea of taking a campaign and lifecycle focus, rather than a siloed channel focus. 
  • A on the tools doer. You get stuff done. You can consistently execute on ideas.
  • Stoked on our values and clear on how they would play out in our marketing. 
  • Able to innovate processes, working with us to develop repeatable systems and approaches to manage the tasks and projects that fall to Marketing.
  • All about data, measuring impact, and making data-driven decisions. You know your way around the analytics sections of major channels, as well as Google Analytics - and you know what to do with all that information.
  • Creative - you’ll not only be implementing campaigns across channels, you’ll be preparing the graphics, copy and other creative assets. 
  • Comfortable with our tone of voice and who we are as a brand. You are almost certainly a mountain biker yourself - you know what mountain bikers are stoked on, what matters to them, where to find them and how to speak to them. 
  • Ready to learn and work with us as we expand our marketing strategy and explore existing new opportunities! 

What does that all look like in practice? Well if you’d been with us over the last month, you would have - 

  • Managed a series of campaigns for new and featured brands across email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google and reported on key campaign metrics, including whether the campaign met target ROAS.
  • Posted regularly to social media and managed replies and comments.
  • Developed 2 x weekly emails to our subscribers - developed the theme, liaised with the inventory team for content, written copy, produced graphics, drafted, proofed and scheduled the emails.
  • Integrated our product data feed with Facebook/Instagram.
  • Worked with our Adwords agency to monitor campaign performance and make adjustments.
  • Developed content-driven, cross-channel campaigns based on blogs, videos and other content developed by our team, determining the best demographic segment, goals and strategy for each campaign.
  • Reported back to Jen (Head of Marketing) about performance on all of the above.

What about the details? Sure, here are a few other bits and pieces about this role - 

  • Location: Wherever! You’ll be working remotely. You’ll be working with me (Jen), and I’m based on the Gold Coast - so if you’re local we’d catch up periodically but this is not a prerequisite. Our whole team works remotely, using apps like Slack to chat and do regular calls. You’ll just need a home office/work-from-home setup with reliable, fast internet. 
  • Remuneration: Depends on your skills and experience. While we are open to someone fresh out of uni taking on this role, we also see it may be a really great fit for someone with lots of experience who can generate bulk value - and we’ll pay accordingly. Tell us what you think you’re worth, and why! 
  • Hours: Full time. You’ll work an agreed set of hours each week - we can be somewhat flexible on which hours, but they will be agreed in advance so we know exactly when you’ll be around and we can make sure we hit all our targets and deadlines! 

Sound like you? Then here’s how to apply!

As well as sending a PDF copy of your current CV, please include a covering email that outlines why you believe you’re a great fit for this role. In that email, please make specific reference to - 

  • Previous projects or work that included similar responsibilities, and what outcomes were achieved. 
  • Previous experience working remotely/with a remote team.
  • Previous work with businesses similar to us (SMB, agile, rapidly growing, ecommerce). 

Please email applications to with the subject line “I’m [NAME] and I'm a growth focused marketer!” before 10pm AEST Sunday 10 June.