Quarq Shockwiz Air Sprung Suspension Tuning Device

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If you have ever felt lost adjusting your suspension or always feel you can make improvements, the Quarq Shockwiz will help you dial in your suspension setup!

The Shockwiz is a truly innovative suspension product.  Compatible with most air sprung suspension products (See notes below) the Shockwiz records live suspension data from your fork or shock and their Apple and Android compatible app decodes the info.  The Shockwiz will grade you on your current suspension setup and give you recommendations based on your preferred riding style.  

What type of rider is the Shockwiz for?  Short answer, every rider can benefit from the Shockwiz!  Doesn't matter what you ride, the Shockwiz will work on every type of bike with compatible suspension products.  Riders of every skill level will learn about their suspension performance and will be able to use the data to better their ride! 

  • Provides Tuning recommendations with Smartphone app.
  • Product will tell you exactly how well your suspension is set up
  • Doesn't matter what you ride.  Compatible with air sprung suspensions. 
  • CR2032 battery lasts for months.
  • Waterproof and dust proof.
  • Great range of fitting options.
  • Smartphone app is compatible with Apple and Android phones.
  • Tune for your own riding style: Efficient (pedalling), Balanced, Playful or Aggressive.
  • 45g.

Compatibility Notes, Please Read:  

  • The Shockwiz is compatible with suspension products that have a positive air chamber and a single volume.  
  • Fox TALAS forks will need to kept in the same position and RockShox Dual Position Air forks are not supported.  
  • Forks that inflate through the negative chamber and forks that use variable chambers are also not supported.    
  • Dampers such as Terralogic, Brain, iCTD and E:I will not work well.  Some useful data may be collected, but you will not get the most out of your Shockwiz.  


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