Rockshox Reverb A2 Complete Service Kit New IFP 2013-2016 External Cable Only

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This kit will suit all the A2 Rockshox Reverb's that run an external cable - connecting to the top of the post.

If you're Reverb has developed rotational play in the bushings, this kit will fix it. If it is sagging or not returning the whole way, this will fix it.

To do this job properly, you'll also need:

Reverb Oil Height Tool

Reverb IFP Tool

Reverb Post Bleed Tool

Reverb Hydraulic Fluid and maybe

Reverb Hose Bleed Kit


If you're unsure whether or not your Reverb is an A2 - On the Handlebar mounted lever, if the return speed dial is black - it's an A2,

(Silver, it's an A1)




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Brand Rockshox